Are you ready for the #Hectic Challenge?


On Monday 30th April, SABC2’s flagship youth show Hectic Nine-9 treats viewers to a fresh revamp of the show, with punchier, pacier and much more #hectic episodes hitting the small screen every weekday from 4:30-5pm!


Hectic Nine-9 has grown since 2007, and has become a staple in South African children’s television. The youth variety show has offered viewers a touchpoint to connect with each other and the country at large through their own television screens, as well as using social media. In fact, Hectic Nine-9 has always been about smart, connected viewing, and lives for the ethos of ‘what the viewer wants, the viewer gets’.


Hectic Nine-9 has come to represent the forefront of youth discussion, trending technology, up-to-the-minute news and weekly live entertainment.  It has been over a decade, and Hectic Nine-9 has grown to know it’s sophisticated tween and teen audience, as well as the extended SABC2 family in which it belongs.


To adapt with their tech-savvy, socially conscious young viewers, Hectic Nine-9 will, from 30th April, tailored their programme to give teenagers a platform to grow. In doing so, Hectic Nine-9 has decided to streamline their program to 30 minutes of jam-packed entertainment aimed at their teenage audience between the ages of 14-16 years old.


This doesn’t mean that Hectic Nine-9 is exclusive, though! The programme will still cater for all South Africans on SABC2 – the family channel – but will direct the conversation to their ever-growing teenage audience. Hectic Nine-9 has embraced this new, holistic programming schedule with SABC Children, and with this new approach hopes to include the youth of Mzansi in a nationwide conversation.


So, what does Hectic Nine-9 have in store for their viewers? This year is all about the Hectic Challenge – where we encourage our viewers to challenge themselves, challenge those around them, and more importantly challenge the status quo.


We’ll be going more in depth with our popular #HecticTalk Thursday’s to debate issues affecting the nation, offer a wider platform to young viewers on our trending #MusicFridays, and get involved with online discussions affecting the youth on our tech Tuesdays!


So, join Hectic Nine-9 on Monday 30th April from 4:30pm-5pm for the launch of the brand-new season, and every weekday after that on SABC2 to keep up to date with the entertainment, technology and talking points that include the youth of South Africa!


Hectic Nine-9 broadcasts Mondays to Fridays at 4:30pm on SABC2.

For more information on the show contact:

Creative Director, Craig Groenewald ( / 021 486 2900)

Producer, Naledi Moleo ( / 021 486 2900)