Signal High graduates to its own timeslot

Okuhle Media, one of South Africa’s prominent media and production companies is pleased to announce that Signal High – SABC 2’s immensely popular teen-focused mini drama series, which aired during its afternoon youth show Hectic Nine-9, is making its way back to the small screen and will air as a stand-alone series when the new season hits this June.

All grown up
Set in a fictional high school in Cape Town, Signal High was a massive hit with viewers when it first debuted in 2013. The show’s strong focus on real-life issues facing teens, including questioning sexuality, bullying, and infidelity, was the secret ingredient that helped it become an instant hit with viewers and must-see TV for South African youth. This massive success also helped the show secure a second season, which aired a year later to a similar response from fans.

Now, after an almost 4-year break, Signal High is returning to SABC 2.  But, unlike previous seasons which aired as a miniseries within Hectic Nine-9, this season sees a fully-fledged drama series with its own timeslot, consisting of 13 episodes of 24 minutes each. This means more drama, more intrigue, and more unforgettable stories than ever before.

New kids on the block
In this new season viewers will also be introduced to a cast of new characters. Each week they’ll be able to follow Amanda (Unathi Sokhela) and her fellow students Zolani (Misha Solanga), Zakes (Daluxolo Xusha), Zuko (Ntobeko Sishi), Winnie (Zimasa Dyani) and Sam (Tyron McKinnon) as they navigate the highs and lows of teen life at a school grappling with transformation and reconstruction.

The show will also touch on Signal High’s struggling principal, Mrs Crawford (Lynita Crofford), its militant and ambitious vice principal, Mr Motsamayi (Sakhumzi Mbele), and new teacher and avid student supporter, Ms Goodman (Stephanie Schildknecht).

What to expect
As before, Signal High’s third outing will weave together the social issues that teens face with must-see drama for an engaging look at what it means to grow up in modern South Africa. Plus, with a cast full of relatable, well-developed characters, the show promises to keep viewers glued to their screens and coming back for more, week after week.

The doors to Signal High will once again open on 29 June 2018 and will air exclusively on SABC 2 every Friday at 17:00.