The glue in our business

Written by Jill Welsh

The man with a plan, yip that’s Keenan! For a group consisting of around 80 staff members, endless freelancers and contractors coming and going, as well as managing three buildings alongside one another, the Operational Supervisor of Okuhle needs have it all together. Keenan Harry is the ‘go to’ person for everyone at the office. Exuding an air of calm authority, Keenan is the best person to hold the keys – literally! Keenan has spent five years making himself completely indispensible to Okuhle Director and Co-founder, Paula Brown, who says ‘he is the alternative CEO of Okuhle Media!’

Keenan hailed from Waterfront Studios back in the day, and started his career right from the bottom up, doing any odd job his producers needed. The opportunity to join Okuhle was a no-brainer. A youthful group of creatives who thrive on making dreams a reality. Who wouldn’t want to join this tribe? His upcoming, personal favourite project will involve collaborating with designers and manufacturers to re-create the entire look and feel of the office. Each department and staff member will add input to design their spaces, allowing for individual flair to come through the end result. For Keenan, Okuhle’s unique vibe and long list of achievements is all down to upbeat staff morale and maximising in-house talents. Since the office is a central area for creativity, it needs to be a vibrant, inspiring space to focus and produce excellent work. His mission is simple … keep everyone happy; make everything flow. It’s a wonder that his job spec doesn’t include superhuman.

Jokes aside, Keenan’s portfolio is integral to company performance. Take the 2018 FIFA World Cup. To boost morale in the office, Keenan spearheaded a competition that involved everyone’s participation, skilled or not, in a foosball championship. Each team represented an African country and things got fairly competitive, with a cash prize involved of course. All in the name of fun! It was more about the anticipation of your next opponent, and far less about the money in the end. The best outcome was the good spirit and spinoff teambuilding within each individual department. People’s personalities come to the fore, and a few red cards had to be dealt, of course!

When he’s not running from Muizenburg to Fishhoek or the gym, Keenan unwinds from the day-to-day intensity with a camera in hand – photography is his chance to see the world through new eyes and take in a quiet moment all to himself. And it’s well deserved! Okuhle Media is consistently bringing in new business, and currently broadcasting seven TV shows, so every new feather in our cap must be celebrated in style. And there is no better man to ensure the strobe lights keep flashing into the wee hours than Keenan Harry!

For enquiries, contact:
Keenan Harry
M: 081 245 8464

For more information contact;
Paula Brown, Director & Co-founder at Okuhle Media
T: 021 486 2900