Beter assie Bure is a game show about connecting through music in which two sets of teams compete in a selection of fun, music-based rounds to determine which team has the best musical knowledge and has earned their place in the final round to playfor the cash prize and the right to say that they’re Beter assie Bure!

Music.  Everybody likes it, in some way, to some degree.  (Show us someone who doesn’t and we’ll eat a songbook!)  Combine that with groups of friends, family or neighbours and you have Beter Assie Bure, the fun, entertaining, Afrikaans, studio-based gameshow that celebrates the bonds between teammates as they set out to prove that THEY have the best musical knowledge.

Guided by the suave host and flamboyant, entertaining resident pianist the two teams will compete in a selection of 6 games that will challenge their musical knowledge and their nerves as they step up to perform in a selection of challenges in front of the live studio audience and the viewers at home.   The team that earns the most points will get the chance to take part in the final round and play for the cash prize of up to R30 000 and the right to brag that THEY are Beter assie Bure.

Genre: Family, gameshow

Duration: 13 x 48 minutes

Producer: Season 1: Shirley Crawford and Minke Alves/ Season 2: Mario Le Grange

Channel: SABC 2

Season: Season 1 2016/17/ Season 2: 2018