Alison Evans

Alison Evans | Commercial Strategist

Every business has one and, if not, then is poorer for it.  The go-to person for wild and crazy ideas; the strategist who sees the end result way before thinking up ways to get there and then conceptualizes that too; the writer who transforms wacky ideas into viable and professional proposals.  As the company’s very own ‘Google device’ she is, to be honest, a bit of a know-it-all and has a slightly crazy passion for facts and stats. And, when the creativity gets a bit much, unwinds in left-brain mode doing budgets and developing implementation or content schedules.

This knowledge and expertise places Alison in a unique space that allows her to, not only understand the business of the many clients of Okuhle, but to delve further into their psyche in order to know if, why and when they will buy into the message or brand.

Alison, known to all as Ali, does not do ‘boring’.  Known for her many mud-like cups of coffee, fast and furious (yet clear and concise) explanations of anything conceptual and her ability to inspire those around her through her energy and positivity, it took us 6 years to give her a title as we knew that ‘boxing’ her would be a sad day for all.   But eventually it was realized that what she does is the fundamental service offering of Okuhle - developing and producing content.  Content that sells, informs and inspires, and for this, she deserved the title.

She has played an integral role in a variety of campaigns and television productions at Okuhle, from managing the Woolworths Fashion and Food events, to being part of the team that pitched and secured Hectic Nine-9, SABC 2’s daily live show.  This was pre-empted by her strategic role in the development of the cause related, multi-platform campaign, ‘Young Ambassadors’ that won in its category at MIPTV’s annual Content 360 Competition. 

Sadly, her one downfall is that, despite her passion for technology, she has an inexplicable and slightly misguided aversion to all things MAC.  We’re not sure if it’s on principle as she is now known as the PC (or not so PC) girl in the office, or if it’s just because she wasn’t the first to get one…