Anita Rowland

Anita Rowland | HOD: Short Form Content

Anita Rowland is one of Okuhle’s founding members, producers and the talent behind the SAFTA award winning ‘Which Way?” youth show.

With a career that started in marketing, Anita’s passion for television and writing saw her move on to being a production assistant where she swiftly rose through the ranks. She then joined the company that pitched to create and bring to life Craz-e, the new children’s block for e-tv.

This would prove to be the start of her relationship with the team that would go on to form Okuhle Media four years later. Looking back on how it all started, Anita states that the main reason she joined the company was, “because Paula Brown had spunk and I hoped I could catch it!”

Brimming with creativity, Anita spends her days writing proposals, presenting concepts to clients and producing inspiring content that tells stories and sells ideas.  After almost 13 years in the industry, she is still constantly surprised by how ideas seem to have a personality of their own and is inspired by seeing great ideas come to life.

With a personal mantra of, “GO!!! Head first. Don’t look back. Take a leap of faith! And remember to have fun” it’s no wonder that Anita is considered a role model by her colleagues.  She believes that the key to success in this stressful, though rewarding, industry is to really listen and to be able to transform great ideas into great actions that achieve great results.  Being able to multi-task and smile in the face of large workloads and looming deadlines are added bonuses. 

Known as Okuhle’s ‘flower child’ it is not surprising that Anita lists hanging out in fields with fresh smells and on beaches learning to surf as some of her favourite pastimes (other than spending time with her family that is).  She is funny, slightly mushy and thrives on working with other quirky eccentrics who, she says, all have a place in the sun at Okuhle HQ.  Oh yes, and she likes “stick food” as in - kebabs, candy floss, ice-lollys and prawns on sticks.

Anita Rowland