Brett Mawdsley

Brett Mawdsley | EDITOR

Quirky, slightly eccentric and incredibly creative, Brett is an unashamed perfectionist and dislikes nothing more than having his genius stilted by deadlines.  He takes this belief to the next level by refusing to wear a watch.  If a job needs doing, it needs doing well and he will not be dictated to or restricted by official working hours.

Brett’s original career choice, while creative, was decidedly different to what he is doing now.  Luckily for us, after a year at the esteemed London International School of Fashion, he decided production was more to his liking and, with steady determination, worked his way up from the bottom of the ladder as a production assistant, honing his skills and absorbing knowledge at every turn.

Unsurprisingly, Brett’s not satisfied with just being an editor and is currently training as a live, studio director.  The thought of being able to determine the end result of a production, not just having to make other peoples creations look fabulous with his editing magic, is definitely something that brings a smile to his face.

A techno geek to the core, Brett spends his spare time in front of his computer working on his own designs, updating his skills with online editing tutorials or writing short stories for animations.  That’s when he’s not spending time with his beloved wife, swapping stories and editing tips. (Yup! Brett married an editor!)

For someone who believes that “42” is the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything, it is no surprise that Brett dreams of riding the Hyperspace Bypass/flying with a good airline to Morocco or the Patagonian Ice Shelf.  Knowing him, it will happen and will probably be captured in HD!

Brett Mawdsley