After Hours

After Hours Commercial / Television / Development

After Hours engages the e.TV late night audience through its high editorial content. It is aspirational and inspirational.  It is real and within reach. 

What sets it apart is that the content is based purely on venues and activities that come to life after hours, introducing the audience to a whole new world.  From the hottest nightclubs to the latest theatre production or concert, sunset hikes up the mountain to view the moon rise to late night shopping – if you can enjoy it After Hours, it will be included. 

After Hours is a weekly, pre-recorded, magazine lifestyle show that cuts from the studio to location inserts and back again. The studio sets the tone for the rest of the program and creates a luxurious, warm, welcoming atmosphere that invites the audience in. Decorated in a rich array of jewel tones complemented by subdued lighting glinting off of opulent mirrors; softly textured furnishings offering an inviting space in which to relax; dark woods and opulent fabrics all combine to create a soothing, personal space from where our two gorgeous presenters host the show.

It is also the space into which they will welcome their guests. From the sultry sounds of jazz performers to giggles with one of South Africa’s best-loved comedians and on to a no-holds-barred discussion with a well-known Sexologist, it’s all about providing exactly what the adult audience wants to experience.

The After Hours location inserts will provide the voyeuristic-style glimpse into the lives and lifestyles of others both the well-known and up-and-coming, places the audience may have never seen and activities they may have not enjoyed.  From joining a local celeb for a decadent spa treatment located on the rooftop of a seaside hotel with the sun setting in the background to enjoying the indulgent delicacies of a top restaurant, the audience will be able to experience the After Hours life vicariously through our two presenters.

It’s all about creating a sensual experience that will have the audience believing they can smell, taste and feel what they are actually only seeing.

Lifestyle, entertainment series 13 episodes x24 minutes